Photographer Fredrik Rege

About me

My name is Fredrik Rege. I am a photographer with a wide repertoire but perhaps most known as a brilliant food photographer. Food is also a great interest and something I am passionate about. Running the food blog "På tallriken" ("On the Plate") with my friend Per. If you like food and want to be inspired by tasty recipes, then I suggest that you check out our blog;
In my portfolio and under news you can see examples of current photo assignments for both small local as well as large international companies. Pictures of food, products, people, skiing, hiking, nature. etc. In recent years there have also been more film assignments.
With a unique sense of light, composition and with aim of always developing as a photographer, I create images of highest class, both in and outside my studio. Always responsive to my clients wishes and often in collaboration with talent creators, stylist and chefs.

About the studio

My studio is located just outside Helsingborg in a former liquor factory, dating back to the end of the 19th century. The old factory; Ödåkra Spritfabrik, is populalry called "Spritan" ("the Booze" roughly translated). The building, which had long been empty and decayed, is now undergoing a continuous and gentle renovation to protect the old factory´s charming and unique atmosphere. If you now visit Spritan, you will find all kind of businesses. A lovely mix of shops, bakery, tattoo studio, hairdresser, film studio, artists, sport center, etc. And more are coming. My studio houses a large and fully equipped kitchen with lots of supplies and backgrounds. The large and lovely windows of the studio give me a magical light to work with. Fell free to visit me anytime!

  • Foto:
  • Spritan, Spritfabriken i Ödåkra, Ödåkra Spritfabrik
  • Studio Rege
  • Fotograf Fredrik Rege in action
  • Fotograf Fredrik Rege in action. Plåtning för STS Alpresors kataloger och hemsidor. Bad Gastein.
  • Fotograf Fredrik Rege in action. Plåtning för STS Alpresors kataloger och hemsidor. Bad Gastein